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TAKANOBU HOSHINO 'Ancient star story of Asia' CD OtO 009, 200 CD limited edition

OtO's new release is a solo album by japanese sound artist and painter Takanobu Hoshino. The composition of the album includes field recordings, audio processing, a vietnam jew's harp instrument, beyond other instruments played by the composer.
This CD delves into the Asian mysteries of the ancient stories of the stars, into the wonders of its origins and meanings.

Takanobu Hoshino - "Ancient star story of Asia" - OtO 009 CD - July 2016 

1. China(tanabata) 6:30''
Chinese ancient story about "tanabata".

2. Vietnam(tanabata) 6:30''
Vietnam's ancient story about "tanabata".

3. Japan(tanabata) 6:04''
Japanese ancient story about "tanabata".

4. Vietnam 5:45''
This track expresses the atmosphere of Vietnam's various ancient story about stars.

5. Japan(ainu) 6:03''
Japanese ainu's ancient story about stars.

6. India(lebaty) 8:07''
India's ancient story about pisces.

7. Japan(amanoiwato) 7:00''
Japanese ancient story about "amanoiwato".

8. Polynesia 11:18''
This track expresses the atmosphere of Polynesian various ancient story about stars.

9. India(milky way) 13:27''
India's ancient story about milky way.

10. Cygnus 6:21''
This track expresses Cygnus

CD total duration: 77:48 minutes

All sounds, instruments and pieces were recorded, composed, mixed and played by Takanobu Hoshino ©. 

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